Wayne Kramer and grandson Mark - 1965.
Car belonging to Charlie Kramer and Bill Ritchie - 1965.
Jimmy Giltner, Charley Kramer, Dee Kramer, Doug and Gayle Pyles
Dee Kramer at Twin Cities Raceway, Vernon, IN
Dee Kramer and Bill Osborne
Dee Kramer - One of the many Mustangs from the early seventy's.
Dee Kramer with one of the many flagman from Twin Cities in the 1970's
Dee Kramer, Gayle and Doug Pyles with one of the  Mustangs they built.
Joey came along in 1975 and so did the Chevy's.  This one only lasted one year.  There was another Mustang after this one.  I haven't found a picture yet.
Frisch's Big Boy was a good sponser for several years.
The next Chevy .
This one won a few.
Joey started working on cars at an early age.
One of the first MasterSbilt race cars.
Remember when late models looked like this.
Lawrenceburg Speedway in the early 80's
Joey had to have one too!!  He wore out a motor every summer.  He learned to fix them when they broke.
Joey and Jay Mitchell -friends since pre-school.
Jay started going to races in grade school.  He & Joe bought Joe's first race car when they were fifteen.  Then Joey told his dad he was going to built a race car.
Joey graduated to larger toys (middle).  Brian Shewmaker (on the left) started going to races with us in first grade.  Brent (on the right) came later.  They both still come when they can.
Joey's first official race car.
Seventh year. Still the same MasterSbilt, Only a lot faster.  
7 Feature wins
Fourth year.  This car was built from a ''96 MasterSbilt Late Model.
Second Year. Made from a '91 CJ Rayburn  Late Model. (only CJ didn't know it)
First race car,but it was for racing on the streets.  It won more races in the beginning that the race cars. Still have this car, and restoring a new one.
This was the last one Dee Kramer drove.  He stopped racing in 1985.
The Mods
Third Year. Second year in the Rayburn. It ended its life being flipped on two different occasions. Joey started building bodies with this one.
First Feature win. It took four years, and they haven't stopped since.   1 Feature win
Fifth year. First race out won the fast dash.
This picture taken after a 1 week rebuild.
New front clip had to be installed.(real good crash).     3 Feature wins
First trip to Red Hill Raceway in Sumner, IL
The next year at this track won 5 of 7 times.
Earned the nickname the "ROCKETMAN" from
the  track announcer
Second consecutive Mark Clark Memorial Feature win.
Mark Clark's son in photo
Sixth year. Now they finally let us make bodies out of aluminum.    5 Feature wins
First year in the Modifieds.     Lawrenceburg  2000           3 Feature wins
First of three consecutive Hoosier Fall Classic Feature wins.                                    2000
Second year in Mods. Mid year car switch. Won another Hoosier Fall Classic, and the USAC 4 Crown Nationals at Eldora Speedway.        5 feature wins
Second year in modifieds
Third year in Mods, and most successful.
11 feature wins.
Cyclone Chassis House Car 2003 Speedweeks
Last Time in a Modified.
Late Models.
Win at Florence with this one.
Bardstown Win.
World 100 at Eldora.
First night.               First race.                   First green flag lap.
           Well, maybe not the last time.
              Bobby, Joey, Doug & Dee
Definitely not the last time
Volusia Speedway 2005
Lightning Chassis
2004 Modified
Rocket Chassis
Florence Speedway 2008
First time a the new Lawrenceburg Speedway
Putting this page together was a walk down memory lane for all of us.  But it's not finished, there's more to come.
Joey's pride and joy